Social media is the most influential platform that attracts people like magnets. Electronic mail was the highest aid of communication in those days. But e-mail is turned out to be a formal communication site for businesses and organizations. Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram are now the best communication application. It is also used as a promoting and business marketing application.
Instagram and Facebook, though similar and organized by the same central union, There are many differences among them.
There are complications in sharing the links through Instagram. Whereas, Facebook aids easy sharing of links and also viewing it. Links are used to browsing and venture through a detailed expansion of search results. On Instagram, links can be shared in bio, but you need to view them every time opening your bio. But Facebook gives easy access to links.
Instagram is featured on Mobile centric. It gives a handy experience to the users, As it is more optimized for mobiles, users can get a neat dimension of the application. Facebook can be used both in Mobile and Personal Computers, laptops, and many more devices. Though it is not optimized for mobile users it gives a comfortable user experience.
Photo and Video sharing are easy on Instagram. The main feature of Instagram is the quality sharing of Photos and Videos through Posts and Stories. Instagram also has options called reels to view people’s interests. Though Facebook has options for sharing Photos and Videos, it is not much effective in comparison with Instagram.
Facebook facilitates people based on their tastes. It notifies you with formal and informal pages based on the taste you mention. Instagram promotes people’s likes and dislikes. Pages and communities on Instagram are viewed on their likes. They can choose their favorites and required pages in both applications.
Facebook is more sensitive to personal optimization. It notifies you of annual memories and likes. Instagram lacks in more personalized events. Even Facebook is optimized for people’s common interests and favorites. But Instagram is mainly used for sharing informal communication.



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