Social Media Marketing

Social media is the playground for users and marketers alike. Everyone goes online to share a picture, state an opinion, converse with peers and patrons alike.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the playground for users and marketers alike. Everyone goes online to share a picture, state an opinion, converse with peers and patrons alike. At Ingenium, we create authentic brand stories and experiences online that will engage and delight your customers and build long term loyalty. With our industry-leading expertise in social media management, we use actionable insights to build campaigns that are measurable, scalable, and replicable across different social media channels to differentiate your brand from your competition and impact higher revenues.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing

With the largest online user base in the world, Facebook features front and center in most brands’ social media strategy. Our power team of experts creates exciting and engaging native content on Facebook for the user with an end objective of inciting actual conversation. We build Facebook ad campaigns keeping in mind the age group, geographical concentration, duration of time spent online, competing brands patronized, et cetera, to get the user segment right and get the best ROI for money spent online. We maintain a laser-sharp focus on attracting fans and building organic communities around your product to strengthen your online brand presence which in turn, attracts more customers.

Instagram Marketing

As an inherently visual social network, Instagram acts like a direct channel of marketing for most consumer-facing brands. As a part of our unique social media marketing services, we leverage the reach and activity of Instagram to showcase your product through interactive posts and stories that lure users and create a buzz. Instagram ads have a significant reach in the predefined user group which we capitalize on, by smartly placing products along with the option of buying on the platform itself as well as a subtle redirect to the website.

Pinterest Marketing

As a social network, Pinterest drives the highest conversion among all its media peers. We create, publish, and distribute brand content on the platform with the sole intention of getting it pinned. Active Pinterest users return to their storyboards from time to time to seek inspiration and share their subjects of interest between friends and family. To this end, we create ads and invite prolific influencers on the platform to participate on our boards to improve user interactions and build a community around your product.

Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn is an important tool for B2B marketers. At Ingenium, we delineate a marketing plan for brands that can benefit from an active LinkedIn presence and structure the campaign in the form of Sponsored content, Text, and direct to Inbox ads. We go a step ahead in establishing thought leadership for people holding key management positions in your company to improve brand perception and reliability.

Paid Ads Marketing

As a brand, you must provide a cohesive and consistent brand experience online across all social media channels. As a leading social media marketing company, our commitment to your returns cannot be understated. Our result driven social media strategy helps you maintain a 360 degree view of all active ads and compare performance and conversion from a single dashboard. Depending on the duration of our engagement, we follow a staggered approach of ad planning and execution, result validation and expectation mapping, followed by robust changes to the campaign as and when necessary. By keeping a bird’s eye view of your ad spends, we extract the best ROI in online advertising across the industry. Now, that’s something to be proud of, isn’t it?

YouTube Marketing

For most of our long-standing clients, Youtube marketing works in two ways. Firstly, we create insightful pieces of brand content to be published on the company’s Youtube channel. This is a research-heavy strategy that involves studying the competition, the interaction, and the stickiness of video content created in the industry in general. We rope in key influencers to propagate the brand’s central message to their unique audiences. Secondly, we identify popular on-brand content creators and punctuate their video content with well-placed ads. Optimizing your ad budget between these two strategies is what sets us apart from other social media marketing companies.

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